Who are the Silicon Valley CEOs in the $1-a-Year Salary club?

Taking a $1 salary, or less, has become fashionable among an elite set, which has included everyone from Oracle’s famously rich Larry Ellison to Facebook’s just as rich Mark Zuckerberg to Meg Whitman, one of the world’s richest women. The trend started in 1997 when Steve Jobs, Apple’s former CEO, returned to the company he co-founded. With his salary at $1, Jobs was able to quickly signal he was focused more on his mission to turn around the firm that today is the world’s most valuable than on himself. Last year, the $1 Club included Zuckerberg; Larry Page, chief executive of Alphabet, the parent company of Google; Mark Pincus, then Zynga’s chief executive; and Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp’s top chief, according to the 2015 Equilar Silicon Valley CEO Pay Study conducted for the Bay Area News Group. Sure, the $1 Club is part publicity stunt. After all, most of these executives are enriched by other means, including valuable equity stakes in their companies and other compensation. And being a member comes with bragging rights: “Hey, everyone, I don’t need the cash to pay the bills. My financial fate is tied directly to my equity stake in the company.”

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