Harcourt IGN provides board-level advice in the fields of strategy and board processes, group structures, corporate governance and family governance.

Harcourt IGN works with Owners, Chairmen, Boards of Directors and CEOs. Our clients are family-owned groups, publicly-listed companies, sovereign wealth funds (for themsleves or their profolio companies) and state-owned enterprises.

Harcourt IGN’s partners are Consulting Directors. In addition to their activities at Harcourt IGN, they hold directorships of international companies in Europe, the US and Asia. They are, or have been, chairmen, directors and CEOs of listed and non-listed companies in a variety of sectors.

Harcourt IGN works under the strictest conditions of confidentiality and highest standards of client service. Harcourt IGN has offices in Dubai, London and Paris.

The Boardroom Resources Website  is for authorized persons only, clients of Harcourt IGN. Its purpose is to provide owners, board members and senior executives with the material they need to carry out their boardroom responsibilities, i.e. business updates, reference material, resources for practitioners, case studies and company news, members forums, interviews, surveys and Consulting Director Services.

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