Two-Thirds of Companies See Insider Data Theft

As businesses spend billions of dollars a year trying to protect their data from hacking that’s costing trillions, they face another threat closer to home: data theft by their own employees. That’s one of the findings in a survey to be published by management consultant Accenture Plc and HfS Research on Monday. Of 208 organizations surveyed, 69 percent “experienced an attempted or realized data theft or corruption by corporate insiders” over the past 12 months, the survey found, compared to 57 percent that experienced similar risks from external sources. Media and technology firms, and enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region reported the highest rates — 77 percent and 80 percent, respectively. “Everyone’s always known that part of designing security starts with thinking that your employees could be a risk but I don’t think anyone could have said it was quite that high,” Omar Abbosh, Accenture chief strategy officer, said in an interview in Tel Aviv, where he announced Accenture’s purchase of Maglan Information Defense & Intelligence Group, an Israeli security company.

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