No Apple, Putting a Canadian Onstage Does Not Make You Diverse

About 18 months ago Apple announced to the world that it was investing $50 million in diversity efforts because, the new head of HR told Fortune, “we are dogged about the fact that we can’t innovate without being diverse and inclusive.”┬áSo far, the company hasn’t gotten much improvement for its money. Its recent diversity report revealed that the company’s leadership is 62 percent male and 67 percent white, with little change from before it began the effort. And the company’s gender bias appeared to be reflected in its lineup for last week’s iPhone 7 launch. A reporter for Mic did the math and noted that at the two-hour event, women spoke for a total 8 minutes, compared to 99 minutes of speech by men. Disturbingly, all the announcements of new products were made by men; the women were on hand only to demo products after men had announced them.

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