New Director Competency Framework is Now Available

The UK might sit in a lofty position on global corporate governance tables but, in the first six months of this year, public faith in the competency of some of our business leaders has been shaken like never before. We’ve had the issue of greed in the BHS scandal. Large multinational corporations lambasted for exploiting tax loopholes. City groups arguing that corporate pay should become more transparent. The Panama Papers. High-profile chief executives defending £60m bonuses. Little surprise then, that one EY survey earlier this year found that one in four business leaders believes that corruption and bribery is “rife” in the UK. For the decent, hard-working owner of a growing business, however, knowing exactly how they should behave or what knowledge they need at each stage can be confusing. Deciphering financial statements – is that your responsibility or your financial director’s? As a leader, should you exude self-confidence or strike a more empathetic tone? Listen carefully to what employees say, or do things your way because you are the one with the experience?

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