Lululemon Has a Rhoda Pitcher Problem

While lululemon athletica yoga pants became infamous for being totally transparent, apparently the identities of its board members are more opaque. After Real Money called into question the murky bio and questionable credentials of the yoga-pants maker’s longest-standing director, the company still has not responded to multiple calls and emails asking to be put in touch with the mysterious Rhoda M. Pitcher. Even a plea on national television by Jim Cramer Monday morning went unheeded. “This is the first that I have seen someone who has as sketchy of a background and is on a corporate board,” said Baruch College Associate Dean Donald Schepers in a phone interview Monday. Schepers is a professor at the Zicklin School of Business and specializes in corporate governance and codes of conduct. Despite questions regarding her education and lack of traceable business history, Pitcher is the chair of the nominating and corporate governance committee and is a member of the compensation committee, both of which provide an essential service to the company: nominating management and paying them.

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