How to Move From Director to Entrepreneur

Rising to the board of directors is a huge achievement and, having reached success at the highest level within a business, it’s not uncommon to start considering what it might be like to start and run your own venture. The process of consideration will be a long and thoughtful one: to become an entrepreneur is to enter a world of uncertainty, and to face the possibility of failure. Nonetheless, for very many aspiring entrepreneurs, the risk is completely worth it. There’s a great sense of pride in seeing your idea become reality. If you are thinking about moving on from your director-level position, you may well feel equal parts excited and uneasy. Having left a FTSE 250 business to start my own venture in 2012, I can certainly relate to that – this is not a decision that should be made rashly. Feelings of trepidation are understandable: entrepreneurship demands sacrifice – and it does not automatically assure reward.

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