How to Build a More Demanding Board

The transparency that the public firm embraces is reinforced by its open-plan office, where chief executive officer John Levy sits among a growing staff focused on its popular sports apps and coverage of competitive video gaming. It extends to the dealings between senior management and theScore’s corporate board, which is helping the company play at the forefront of new digital technologies. “Each board has its own colour and characteristics; ours clearly is one of openness,” says Mr. Levy. “There’s no member of my board that can’t talk to any member of my senior team.” Far from stuffy old-boys clubs limited to discussions of corporate governance and fiduciary responsibility, today’s directors also deal with company strategy, mergers and acquisitions, talent, culture, branding and more. Building and managing an effective board means broadening the scope, deepening the commitment and clarifying the responsibilities of directors, as well as fostering diversity, independence, expertise and an environment of trust.

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