Holoportation. Is This How you’ll Get to Your Next Meeting?

Recently, a large Australian company asked me to invite a top multinational Brazilian CEO into the boardroom. However, when I reached out to him, he declined amicably due to his reluctance to travel from South America to Australia to attend multiple board meetings and ad-hoc sessions in a given year. Since the global financial crisis, boardroom industry statistics (PwC & Mckinsey) reveal that, across the US, UK and EMEA, chairmen are conducting more board meetings to intensively question management. Some developed markets have seen the number of hours board members are spending in sessions significantly increased and more than doubled. Global companies have been experimenting with Virtual Reality board meetings in the form of shareholder meetings. Intel’s 2016 annual meeting was entirely virtual. In 2015, 90 companies used virtual shareholder meetings and in addition to Intel, GoPro, SeaWorld Entertainment, PayPal and Yelp have all held virtual shareholder meetings over the last year.

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