European Bankers Will be Exempt from Migration Curbs After Brexit

European bankers and “highly-skilled” businessmen and women will be exempted from migration curbs after Britain leaves the European Union, the Chancellor has said. Philip Hammond revealed for the first time that some EU migrants will be given preferential treatment to protect the economy after Brexit. It raises the prospect that other highly skilled workers in other sectors, such as doctors, could also be protected from migration curbs after Brexit. Asked about recent warnings from Japan on the impact of migration controls on its UK-based companies, he said: “We cannot accept uncontrolled free movement of people. That’s the political outcome of the referendum. “I don’t think that needs to strike fear into the heart of Japanese financial institutions. “We will use it [control over free movement] in a sensible way that will facilitate the movement of highly-skilled people between financial institutions and businesses to support investment in the UK economy.”

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