Deutsche Bank: What to Know

Deutsche Bank AG this week endured questions about whether it would raise capital, whether the German government would come to its aid and whether it was losing the confidence of the market as some hedge funds dialed back their business with the bank. Its stock fell to fresh lows, only to rebound Friday to end the week up 1.4%. Its share-price decline of nearly 50% this year has rippled through financial markets and hit other European banks, already beset by the continent’s weak economy and negative interest rates. Here’s a look at the German bank’s troubles. Why is Deutsche Bank so important? By many accounts, the bank is too big to fail. With €1.8 trillion ($2.02 trillion) in assets, Deutsche Bank is Germany’s biggest bank and one of the world’s largest lenders. It has more than 101,000 employees. The International Monetary Fund said in June that the bank is the biggest contributor to systemic risk among large lenders, because it is so connected to others.

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