Daaboul Industrial Group: Governance And Leadership in the Middle East

The Daaboul Industrial Group (DIG) was established in Syria by Mohammed Daaboul in 1976. A bold entrepreneur, he started work while still attending university and his dreams and ambitions expanded with every achievement. After almost 40 years the family patriarch is still the acting chairman of the family-owned group and is considered as one of Syria’s living legends. By increasing the revenues with consistent growth rates of 20%-25% per annum until 2013, Mohammed created one of the largest aluminum producers in the Middle East. The group, as one of the largest private sector industrial groups in Syria, owns 300.000 sqm of industrial land with exports making up 40% of total turnover. It currently employs 1,300 people, although the workforce has dropped 35% since 2011 due to Syria‚Äôs war.

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