Board Effectiveness: A Focus on Behavior

Identifying the various business traits can be as simple as knowing what to look for: 1. Drivers like logic and systems, and have a laser focus on the end goal. They are direct, quantitative, competitive, and logical. Drivers are not consensus seekers, and do not like indecisiveness.
2. Pioneers like variety, possibilities, and generating new ideas. They can make decisions quickly, but can change their minds, as they have a high tolerance for risk. Pioneers do not like process, details, and repetition. 3. Integrators like personal connections and seeing how things fit together. They are relationship- and consensus-oriented, diplomatic, and trusting. Integrators do not like confrontation, competition, or aloofness. 4. Guardians like concrete details and stability–they trust what is tried and true. They are methodical, structured, reserved, loyal, and cautious. Guardians do not like tardiness, disorder, or being rushed.

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