Augmented Reality’s Goal Is to Create Deeper Human Connections

From the popularity of Pokemon Go‘s augmented reality gaming to Uber‘s testing of self-driving vehicles in Pittsburgh, 2016 has seen the rapid rise of technologies once only imaginable in some futurist’s mind. Augmented reality seems to have a much more promising future than virtual reality. Looking at augmented reality trends now, we’re seeing investment deals going into a expanse of industries from gaming to health. And, when it comes to digital health, technologies other than augmented reality are being utilized. On stage, Dr. Mault held up a bluetooth-enabled home pregnancy test, as well as a connected inhaler. An increase in connectivity has led to the development of technologies aimed at streamlining the flow of data from patient to healthcare provider. According to him, tech devices being developed now are focused on collecting much more data than could previously be tracked — and it’s greatly improving the quality of healthcare.

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