Achieving Higher Board Effectiveness

Achieving higher board effectiveness goes well beyond adhering to rules, regulations, legal and ethical compliance. While there are many experts who address the regulatory requirements, an aspect that requires the utmost attention, and is often underestimated and even ignored, is the human element. That is the basic and subtle dynamics and the complexities inherent in having individuals with diverse experience, different views and perspective, and varied cultural and personal backgrounds gathering a few times a year to serve an entity to which they are not privy on a day-to-day basis. It’s further complicated by the fact that these individuals often don’t know each other outside of their board service. How can a board maintain its independence, make critical decisions, provide valuable and timely insights to management and be effective as a group of individuals if they have minimal access to the ins and outs of an organisation? How can they truly assess the leadership potential of the CEO, the board and management and effectively minimise vulnerabilities and risk when they’re outsiders?

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