A Shareholder Call for Clawbacks and Changes at Wells Fargo

The bank’s trouble intensified this week, when CEO John Stumpf testified at a Senate Banking Committee hearing, where he was accused of “gutless leadership” by Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren, who called on him to return millions in earnings and step down. Even if Stumpf, 63, were fired with cause, he would likely have to relinquish only a small portion of the $200 million in cash, stock and options that he’s entitled to, according to an analysis by CNNMoney. The San Francisco-based bank’s board should appoint new board members and move to recoup executive bonuses, said CtW Investment Group. It’s tied to the union federation Change to Win, whose affiliates manage more than $200 billion in assets. If the board doesn’t act quickly, the group would oppose the reelection of directors at the bank’s next annual meeting, expected to take place in late April 2017.

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