A Little For You, And Lots For Me

Corporate culture? Surely one excellent way to define it is by looking at attitudes to pay for those at the top, versus the employees. The average FTSE100 CEO is now receiving £5.5 million ($7.17 million) a year. Look at the ratio of FTSE 100 CEO pay to the median full-time worker across the whole U.K. economy — it was 183:1 in 2014, 182:1 in 2013 and 160:1 in 2010. No FTSE 100 company currently publishes its CEO to employee pay ratio. It gets worse. “In contrast to the generous pay packages awarded to their executives, only a quarter of the 100 FTSE 100 companies are accredited by the Living Wage Foundation for paying the living wage to all their U.K.-based staff,” says an annual survey of FTSE100 pay packages released today by the U.K.’s independent think-tank, the High Pay Centre.

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