Money – And Its Role In Society: Do Banks Care?

Are you ready for a change of thinking ? Triodos Bank (as in “welcome to sustainable banking: where money has values”) has named Bevis Watts, an environmentalist and the ex-CEO of the Wildlife Trust as its new Managing Director in the United Kingdom. His takeover of the role comes at an uncertain time in the wake of Britain’s EU referendum vote, but the need for a broader change at the heart of thinking in banking is at the core of this appointment. It is the first time a bank in the U.K. has selected an environmentalist to a lead executive role. The appointment of Mr Watts is “an essential development in the bank’s continuing strategy to refocus finance on using money to promote positive change in society” it said. Triodos is a European bank headquartered in the Netherlands. It also has branches in Belgium, the U.K., Spain and Germany.

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