Global Family Businesses Predict Volatile Aftershocks After Brexit Earthquake

An exclusive survey of the Campden Wealth community of family businesses worth more than $100 million revealed this week a decisive 75% of owners, chief executives and advisers called for the United Kingdom to remain in the EU. However, 51.9% (17,410,742 votes) of Britons voted to leave the EU against 48.1% (16,141,241) in a referendum result which has reverberated around the world. The majority of respondents to the CampdenFB poll, at 47% and 40% respectively, said the impact of Brexit on their family business would be either “negative” or “neutral”. A negative impact on sterling denominated investments was predicted by 53%. A “very negative” impact was predicted by 15% while 21% felt the impact would be neutral. Just 2% said departure would be “positive” and only 8% said leaving would be “very positive”. Short-term market volatility was predicted by those surveyed over the past four-weeks and many approached by CampdenFB today.

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