Arianna Huffington: From Bedroom To Boardroom With The Uber Woman

For Huffington finds herself in a thorny position of conflict. Last week, Uber, the global taxi giant, announced that she had joined its board of directors. For a woman who lectures against too much work, that may be a little tricky, but that’s not the problem. What’s troubling is that Uber is a company that, by nature of its aggressive market strategy, attracts a certain amount of negative news coverage. The question now is will that find its way on to the Huffington Post site, given that this self-styled guru of the bedroom has planted one foot in the multibillion dollar-rated Uber’s boardroom? Early last month, one of the Huffington Post’s reporters alerted her colleagues to a story in the New York Times about an Uber driver who took a nap while his passenger took over and became the subject of a high-speed police chase. But the reporter received a note from a senior editor informing her that they wouldn’t be linking to the story because Huffington Post was “partnering with Uber on our drowsy driving campaign”.

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