An Office Romance Gone Wrong

It was true: Brad wasn’t her boss. He led the finance team. She reported to the head of sales, who reported to the COO, and she and Brad rarely interacted at work. They’d only gotten to know each other in the past couple of months, after she’d been asked to present at a few investor conferences, repurposing the spiel she’d successfully given to so many customers. Still, when just a few days after their drinks in the hotel, he’d asked her out on a “real date,” Elizabeth initially demurred, wondering if it was a good idea. But he’d assured her they wouldn’t be breaking any rules. He didn’t evaluate her or even set her pay. And given her standing in the company, they were really more like peers. He liked her, respected her, wanted to get to know her better. So she’d said yes, and they’d had a pretty amazing time together. (Case Study)

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